The Gottardo hiking trail between Erstfeld and Biasca was officially opened on 28 June 2007 to mark the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard railway. The trail was then extended to Altdorf in time for the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in spring 2016. At 50 individual spots – which include impressive buildings, natural wonders and technical triumphs – large boards inform hikers about the past, future and present of the Gotthard Pass, its railway and the surrounding area, along with facts and figures about nature and culture in the Reuss Valley and Leventina district.

In addition to impressive feats of engineering, the hiking trail takes in a number of other landmarks, including the Baroque church in Wassen, farmhouses typical of the Uri region, Romanesque churches and the Hans Josephson Museum in Giornico.

The north and south railway hiking trails can be tackled in different stages, and you can take advantage of special offers to create your own plan.

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